Strategic Advisory:   Through our careers, we have invested in, managed, or advised hundreds of companies.  We can quickly help a senior team address challenges and put in place plans to achieve growth and increased profitability.  We do not deliver a “strategic plan” that sits on a shelf, rather we engage with management to quickly drive specific actions toward clear results.  We have extensive experience in the areas of:

  • Strategic planning
  • Operations planning
  • Capital structure planning
  • Governance and Board management
  • Organization chart & talent planning
  • Pre and post M&A integration

M&A:    Our business is built on relationships and referrals so we only engage in M&A situations when we believe our unique approach and network can deliver extraordinary results for both the seller and the buyer.

On the sell side, we don’t just “package” a company for sale, but we help management optimize the business and their story to achieve the best possible outcome.   Unlike most M&A firms we are often engaged in transition work to make sure that a sale is successful for the buyer.    We also help our selling clients navigate tax and wealth planning.   

On the buy-side, because we have backgrounds as operators and investors, we understand how to find and acquire businesses that will truly yield a high ROE.   Small and mid-sized businesses are typically difficult to acquire because of challenges with accounting, systems, and limited resources.   We know how to drive diligence in these situations and how to structure successful transactions for all parties. 

Valuation:    We offer business valuation services to help ownership understand current and potential future valuation under different scenarios and, for instance, to allow Boards to assess 409A valuation and do proper equity accounting. 

We look forward to talking to you about how we can help.